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The “Original Tiger” morph of the Coastal Carpet Python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli) was established in California by Neville James back in the late 90’s.  This morph is characterized by a nearly unbroken wide dorsal stripe and lateral striping that can be either unbroken or in a uniform dash pattern.  It is also characterized by a defined solid black head pattern with one or more light blotches within the center of the head.  These animals have light yellow to manila striping with a chestnut to dark brown background color.  

This morph was once believed to be a co-dominant mode of inheritance, but recent breedings have shown that it is a polygenetic trait that relies on pairing a Tiger with another carpet that has similar genetics.  This allows the Tiger gene to better present itself in the offspring.   See the two examples below:

  The first is of a clutch where both parents were Tigers.  Here 100% of the offspring were striped.  The second is from a clutch where one parent was a Tiger and one was a partially striped parent.



This illustrates that the more striped the parents are the better the degree of  striping will be in the offspring.

2005 Tiger Jag

2005 Tiger Jag

2006 Tiger Jag


The Jaguar is a Co-dominant morph of the Coastal Carpet Python, Morelia spilota mcdowelli.  This morph consists of a reduced pattern that is presented by banding or lateral ovals, which create an open pattern on the dorsal.  The background ranges from bright yellow to cream. This morph was originated in Norway back in 1994. 

All of our Jaguars were produced by Will and Mary Leary of Reptilicus Reptiles.  Will and Mary were instrumental in the Tiger-Jag project.  I approached Will, back in 2003, with an idea to breed one of our Tiger females to one of his Jaguar males.  He agreed and we sent her off to breed at their facility.  The first clutch yielded just three offspring.  Two were normal siblings somewhat different in appearance, but neither was a Tiger or a Jaguar. The third was quite different.  It was a Jaguar that had a broad dorsal stripe and Tiger like lateral markings.  This was the first Tiger-Jag.  Subsequent breedings have produced some of the most unique Jaguars to date.

I would like to thank both Will and Mary, for without their participation and willingness to take a chance, we would have not been able to be involved in such an amazing project.


We have started rebuilding our Jungle Carpet collection over the past couple of years.  We acquired an adult male "Zebra" Jungle from Will Leary in late 2009 and bred him to our CVR line female Jungle.  She gave us a small clutch in 2010 and three Zebras, all males, were produced.  We bred him again this year to Mike Curtin's female Jungle, Delia, and got a nice sized clutch from which seven Zebras were produced.

The next few years should be interesting as we add more Jungles to our collection.  We hope to have a couple lines of Zebras and some really great lines of pure Jungles to offer. 



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